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Carrie Zeilstra holding Faith

Choosing Faith

There was a time I believed that faith is just about believing in God. But faith means so much more than that. God used my precious baby girl to teach me about true faith and how to choose faith beyond my feelings. 

My Choosing Faith Story

I grabbed the doctor's arm and cried out "I don't want to lose my baby girl!" 

The doctor looked back at me with compassion and said the words I already knew, but didn't want to believe. 

"There is nothing we can do to stop your labor. You will deliver your baby soon." Tears filled her own eyes as she continued. "And at 22 weeks gestation your baby will not survive." 

Hours later our precious baby girl was born. We said hello and goodbye within a matter of breaths. We held her as she passed from our arms into the arms of Jesus. 

We named our daughter Faith Isabella. Her name reminds us that FAITH is a choice, beyond our feelings and circumstances. We choose faith that God is good, and his plans are good... even when it doesn't seem like it. 

God kept me breathing when my child stopped breathing. Seeing God work since that day has not always felt like a fairytale. But FAITH is about trusting that there will be beauty even after the hardest days. 

Pregnancy and infant loss resources

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A community of support groups, both in person and online., as well as education resourse.

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Lists of organizations, support groups, and resources. 

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Provides resources and support through care packages and communication. 

Why 23?

23 is a significant number to me. Not only was Faith Isabella born on May 23rd, but God also used Psalm 23 to strengthen me amid the most difficult days. Choosingfaith23 reminds me that even in the "valley of the shadow of death" I can choose to trust God. He is good and he never leaves me. 

Psalm 23
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