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The Tiny Stone: A Poem for Infant Loss

A tiny stone tossed

A splash too small for most to see

A little life lost

It seemed like only tragedy


The water, once still, moved

Although the stone was gone

The circles radiated from a spot no longer smooth

The effect of the stone would ripple on


At first the waves seemed violent

There was no rest between

The circles would not be silent

There was no calm water to be seen


As the circles grew and spread apart

They began to quiet a little

Like the beating of a little heart

The rhythm began to settle


The once still water was changed

Even miles away from the stone

The very molecules rearranged

The effect of the splash clearly shown


And soon other ripples came along

The waves meeting together

Their movement and rhythm like a song

One they will sing forever


What once seemed like just a tragedy

Eventually turned to more

That stone affected change you see

Even the smallest stone moves water from shore to shore


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