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Our Imperfect Tree

White lights that sparkle and glow Illuminate the Christmas tree I warmly know

Shiny red ribbon wraps around

A quilted tree skirt covers the ground

No matching ornaments are in sight

Many ornaments hanging at the same height

Some branches are bare

While others have many ornaments to wear

Each ornament tells a story

Each one finding its seasonal place of glory

Popsicle sticks, pictures and glue

Yarn and glitter make up a few

Some have been found during our recent travels

Others look like they’re about to unravel

Handprints from our living son

Even our cockapoo has one

Others represent the child we all miss

Our sweet baby girl we all long to kiss

Only 6 hands participate in our tree decorating

Even though 2 more should be waiting

It’s not easy to find joy in the pain

But we know because of her life, our family will never be the same

A manger and a cross represent the gift of all gifts

Because of our Savior, our spirits can lift

A hope for our future in heaven now in sight

All because Jesus was born that Holy night

At the top of our imperfect tree sits a star

Reminding us we can shine no matter how imperfect we are

The branches point toward heaven where someday we’ll be

A whole, complete, and perfect family



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